Suro Nipa: Man invokes 700 deadly curses to wipe out a generation of fake agent

Ghanaian man invokes deadly curses on a fake agent and accomplice.

A Ghanaian man has allegedly invoked a 700 deadly spirit curse on a fake agent and his accomplice to wipe out all their generation for duping him 1.2 billion cedis.

Fake visa agents identified as Koomson and Matilda, were given a chain curse to death by a man they duped of 1.2 billion Ghana cedis.

According to the man on the Oyerepa Afutuo Program, he had entrusted the agents with his life’s savings, a staggering sum of 1.2 billion Ghana cedis, to secure visas for his son. Little did he know that his trust would be shattered, and his family’s fate would be sealed by a chain curse.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, his hopes slowly crumbled. The agents vanished into thin air, leaving behind broken promises and shattered dreams.

Desperate to find justice, he embarked on a relentless pursuit to track down the fraudsters who had robbed him of his fortune.

After the curse, Koomson and Matilda passed away, and the curse continued to affect their families.

Watch the video below;
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