“Shatta Wale is a malafaka for insulting Kwame Despite and Fada Dickson” – Arnold Asamoah fires

Arnold Asamoah fires Shatta Wale for insulting Kwame Despite and Fada Dickson.

In a surprising turn of events, popular entertainment pundit and critic Arnold Asamoah Baiden has taken to Facebook to express his disapproval of reggae-dancehall artist Shatta Wale’s recent behavior.

Arnold expressed his bewilderment at Shatta Wale’s decision to throw insults at business mogul Kwame Despite and his protege, Fada Dickson, of the Despite Media Group.

Arnold questioned the validity of Shatta Wale’s actions, stating that there seemed to be no reasonable justification for attacking such respected personalities simply because an employee of theirs had criticized him. He further pointed out that

Shatta Wale had a history of disrespecting his fellow artists without facing any repercussions, making it difficult to comprehend why he would be upset when subjected to a similar treatment by Kwasi Aboagye.

In a bold move, Arnold referred to Shatta Wale as a “malafaka,” suggesting that he is someone who freely attacks anyone he pleases but becomes angered when faced with a taste of his own medicine.

This recent controversy arose when Shatta Wale claimed to have been paid £80,000 for his performance at the Ghana Music Awards-UK, a statement that raised eyebrows within the industry.

The Facebook post by Arnold Asamoah Baiden has sparked a heated debate among fans and followers of both Shatta Wale and Arnold. Many have expressed their support for Arnold, commending him for speaking out against what they perceive as Shatta Wale’s disrespectful behavior.

However, Shatta Wale’s loyal fan base has rallied behind him, arguing that he is entitled to defend himself against any form of criticism.

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However, Kwasi Aboagye, an entertainment show host on Peace FM, came out to debunk the news, saying no Ghanaian organizer can afford to pay such money for a performance, which didn’t sit well with Shatta Wale.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the Ghanaian entertainment industry remains divided, with some calling for a more respectful and harmonious approach among artists and critics, while others defend Shatta Wale’s right to express himself freely. Only time will tell how this clash of personalities will ultimately impact the industry and the individuals involved.

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