Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s 30 Prophecies for 2024

Check out Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s 30 Prophecies for 2024.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has shared his prophecies for the year 2024. These prophecies primarily focus on Ghanaian politics and the upcoming 2024 general election and extend to other African nations and the global stage.

It is important to note that these prophecies are based on his revelations and should be taken as such. Here is a list of the prophecies he has made:

  1. Women in expectation of childbirth will be giving birth.
  2. There will be a general discovery in the world of medicine, leading to a cure for a deadly disease. China and the US will be at the forefront of this discovery.
  3. A greater part of New York will be flooded, resulting in deaths and casualties. Prayers are needed for America.
  4. An unexpected African country will win the AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations).
  5. A West African president could be poisoned after an attempt. If not careful, he may fall victim to poisoning.
  6. The Deputy Finance Minister should be careful, as he will reach the highest level of government. There is a set-up against him, but God will help him.
  7. There was a revelation of ants eating the flag of the NPP (New Patriotic Party) in a dream.
  8. Prayers are needed for Vladimir Putin, as his seat has been taken.
  9. A French West African country will experience a coup, but it can be averted through prayer.
  10. Prophet Nigel Gaisie predicts that John Dramani Mahama will win the 2024 presidential elections.
  11. The NDC (National Democratic Congress) must be vigilant. Although they won in the realm of the spirit in 2020, they were not alert and watchful. The Lord warns that if they are not careful, weakness will prevent them from reaching the Jubilee House.
  12. A notable man of God with Ga ancestry is predicted to leave the world, but prayers are being made against it.
  13. The Police Chief who can take care of security is likely to be retained as IGP (Inspector General of Police) if he orders his steps well. He may even be called upon to be a running mate.
  14. The running mate of a winning party will be the subject of a battle in the Eastern and Central Regions.
  15. The people of New Juaben will experience casualties, and prayers are needed for Koforidua.
  16. The NDC won in the Amasaman Constituency.
  17. The NDC must be alert in Madina, or they may lose the seat.
  18. An Essikado woman will win.
  19. The NDC must focus extra on Greater Accra to ensure it is not sold.
  20. The NPP (New Patriotic Party) will lose more seats, resulting in 170 seats in Parliament for the NDC. Vigilance is needed, as elements of God will come and vote. The NDC will declare themselves the ruling government by 9 pm on the day of voting.
  21. There will be rights for homosexuals, so prayer is needed.
  22. Prayers are needed for the media.
  23. December 7th will come with artificial problems created in some constituencies. God will change the government Himself. 72 people have vowed to block Kwame Dramani. There will be lots of looting and infractions. Victory belongs to the NDC flag.
  24. The 2024 election will be bloodier than 2020, and vigilance is necessary.
  25. A traditional ruler has lost something and will reclaim it.
  26. Men in uniform will do everything to avert elections in a West African country.
  27. Prayers are needed for Offinso North and the Tepa area.
  28. The NDC is predicted to win an extra four seats in the Ashanti Region. The focus should also be on Greater Accra, particularly Madina.
  29. A man on a horse close to Walewale has caught the attention of Prophet Nigel Gaisie. The horse’s eyes are red, blue, and white, but the horse is crippled. The Lord said to reject the rider of the horse.
  30. The Electoral Commission (EC) will misbehave.
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Please note that these prophecies are based on Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s own revelations and should be interpreted as such.

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