Prophet Drops Scary Doom Prophecy over Twene Jonas

A little-known Ghanaian prophet has recently made a troubling prophecy concerning Twene Jonas, suggesting that he may face a tragic fate in 2024.

The prophet, who has been largely disregarded as an attention seeker, claims that Jonas has become the target of influential Ghanaian figures whom he has criticized in his online videos.

According to the prophet, these individuals are clandestine members of the Freemasons, an organization largely unknown to the public. Allegedly, they conducted a ritual aimed at spiritually harming Twene Jonas.

The prophet insists that the consequences of this spiritual attack will materialize in 2024, potentially leading to Jonas’ demise.

Despite knowing that he will face backlash, the prophet remains resolute in sharing his prophecy.

As expected, social media users have quickly dismissed both the prophet and his prophecy as fraudulent. Many express their unwavering support for Twene Jonas, vehemently rejecting the notion of any harm befalling him.

While the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Jonas will respond to this disconcerting prophecy. The video below captures the prophet’s message, adding an intriguing dimension to the story.

Watch video;

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