Oyerepa Afutuo: Wife curses sidechick to death for snatching her husband(Video).

Sidechick in hot waters after wife curses her to death for snatching her husband; duabo starts workin on the lady.

A Ghanaian lady cursed her husband’s sidekick, for ruining her marriage. According to the woman who appeared on Aunty Naa’s show, she called the lady to warn her to stay away from her husband, but her words went unheard.

Because Josephine stated that she wasn’t dating the married man and Beatrice is simply making a false accusation about her.

After phoning Josephine several times to tell her to keep away from her husband, Beatrice couldn’t stand it any longer and cursed her with several river gods.

The curses had begun to work on the lady, causing her stomach and feet to swell.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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