Oyerepa Afutuo: My brother got me pr3gnant

A young lady narrates how her uncle sl3pt with her multiple times to get her pregnant.

When we believe we have witnessed all that life has to offer, we are continuously surprised by the extraordinary. In a remarkable turn of events, a young and exceptional teenager finds herself pregnant by her uncle.

In light of Auntie Naa’s Oyerepa Afutuo program, a platform dedicated to resolving domestic issues in Ghana, the teenager, named Gifty, bravely shares her heartbreaking story on the show.

Gifty reveals that she has been subjected to multiple instances of sexual encounters with her uncle, who is her grandmother’s son, leading to her unexpected pregnancy.

In an unexpected twist, the accused uncle vehemently denies all allegations made against him during a phone conversation. Displaying unwavering confidence, he agrees to appear on the show on Monday morning to undergo a DNA examination, which will conclusively determine his involvement in the pregnancy.

During this critical period, we eagerly await the results of the DNA test, anticipating whether or not the accused uncle is indeed responsible for the pregnancy. The truth will soon be revealed, bringing closure to this distressing situation.

Watch the video:

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