Kuame Eugene p3 cheap things, Mary doesn’t deserve your kitchen – Oboy Siki chides Eugene

Oboy Siki, known for his strong opinions, has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding Mary and Kuami Eugene.

Since Kuami Eugene terminated his contract with Mary, the former househelp has given several interviews to share her side of the story.

In these interviews, Mary claimed that she suffered from starvation while living in Kuami Eugene’s house, leading to her collapsing on multiple occasions.

She further alleged that she was only paid a meager amount of Ghc 600 for two years of work with the music sensation.

During an appearance on GHpage’s Rash Hour show, Oboy Siki criticized Kuami Eugene for being frugal. According to Oboy Siki, considering Kuami Eugene’s current societal status, he should have hired a professional chef to cook for him.

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