Aquafina Empowers Viral Hawker, Dr. H2O, with a Remarkable Business Setup

Aquafina drinking water rewards viral hawker Dr. H20 with a complete business setup.

In a display of remarkable corporate philanthropy, Aquafina, the esteemed bottled water brand under the Seven-Up Bottling Company, has generously rewarded the viral hawker, Dr. H2O, also known as Wisdom Nsima, with a complete business setup worth tens of millions of Naira. This awe-inspiring act of kindness unfolded in the vibrant city of Onitsha, Anambra, where Wisdom resides and has captured the hearts of many across Nigeria.

Dr. H2O’s journey from a humble water hawker to a promising entrepreneur has struck a chord with countless individuals throughout the country.

Recognizing his unwavering dedication and the impact he has made in promoting the Aquafina brand with passion and confidence, the Aquafina team, alongside key members of its business, descended upon Onitsha to present Dr. H2O with an extraordinary business package.

The fully-equipped business setup bestowed upon Dr. H2O includes a well-stocked store brimming with thousands of cases of Aquafina products, a generator to ensure uninterrupted operations, a deep freezer for product storage, a tricycle truck for efficient distribution, and a generous cash reward, among other essential resources. Aquafina’s gesture aims to empower Dr. H2O and provide him with the necessary tools to flourish as he continues his entrepreneurial journey.

Isaac Iku, the Assistant General Manager of Seven-Up Bottling Company Enugu, expressed his deep admiration for Dr. H2O’s unwavering commitment to the Aquafina brand. Driven by passion and unwavering confidence, Dr. H2O’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and Aquafina is proud to support his aspirations.

This remarkable act of corporate giving serves as a testament to Aquafina’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and uplifting individuals who demonstrate extraordinary drive and determination. As Dr. H2O’s inspiring story continues to resonate throughout Nigeria, Aquafina stands firmly behind him, ready to witness his future successes grow.

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Aquafina drinking water rewards viral hawker Dr. H20 with a complete business setup.

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