Ei, 2 Pastors Ch0pping 1 Osofo Maame (Video)

Osofo Maame Exposes Osofo for Chewing jnr. Pastor’s wife in a car.

In a shocking expose on Auntie Naa’s Oyerepa Afutuo show, a married woman has revealed a heart-wrenching secret about her husband who’s a pastor and his junior pastor’s wife.

According to the woman, she saw her husband (the pastor) making love with his junior pastor’s wife in a car. However, she claimed that due to the love she has for her husband she refused to show the footage to the church members and family members because she wanted to sustain her husband’s reputation in the community.

She said on the show that her husband had publicly announced their divorce in favour of the junior pastor’s wife, abandoned her, and thrown her out of the house.

The woman disclosed that the pastor had slept with her after they had separated, even though he had claimed to have divorced her wife. As a result, the pastor has denied being the cause of her pregnancy.

Kindly watch the video below to know more about the story.

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