Gospel musician who allegedly poisoned his wife to death confesses

Gospel musician, Pastor Isaac Forson, who allegedly poisoned his wife to death confesses.

According to recent reports, Gospel musician and pastor Isaac Forson has been accused by his daughter of being involved in the death of his own wife, Evelyn Pokua.

The incident allegedly occurred last Friday in Oyerepa Afutuo. Abigail Forson, the daughter, claimed that her father poisoned her mother due to his relationship with his second wife, Akose. Abigail stated that her mother, on her deathbed, pointed out that her father had killed her.

The matter was reported to the Kumasi Central Police Station, leading to Pastor Forson’s arrest, although he was later released.

The police investigation into the case has reportedly been halted, raising suspicions that Pastor Forson may not face consequences for his actions.

In a recent development, the alleged murderer has confessed to having a role in his wife’s demise during a family gathering.

The office of Ghana’s Attorney General has received a report on the case, and an investigation is said to be underway.

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