“Wo yƐ NhwehwƐnimu” – McBrown Dragged For Throwing Money At Dumelo’s Mother’s Funeral and stealing shows

McBrown was dragged for throwing money at Dumelo’s mother’s funeral and stealing a show at wedding.

Actress Nana Ama McBrown finds herself in the midst of controversy yet again, as social media users accuse her of attempting to steal the spotlight at two significant events.

From splashing money at her colleague John Dumelo’s mother’s funeral to allegedly stealing the limelight from the bride at a lavish wedding, McBrown has become a subject of heated debate.

While some view her actions as attention-seeking and irritating, others argue that she is simply misunderstood.

The Funeral Incident:

At John Dumelo’s mother’s funeral, Nana Ama McBrown made quite the entrance. As she was welcomed by a group of dancers, she reached into her handbag and showered the crowd with a handful of notes. While some may interpret this gesture as an attempt to draw attention to herself, others may see it as a spontaneous display of generosity and celebration of life.

The Wedding Controversy:

The drama continued at Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong’s daughter’s opulent wedding. As the couple reveled in the music of King Promise, McBrown allegedly seized the opportunity to embrace the spotlight once again. She approached the talented artist, engaging him in conversation and stealing a few moments of his attention. This action reportedly left the bride visibly angry and overshadowed.

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