Video of Zubby Michael and 042 Prince Exchanging Blows on Set Goes Viral (Watch)

Zubby Michael and 042 Prince fight on set and video goes viral.

Recently, a video capturing a heated confrontation between two prominent Nollywood actors, Zubby Michael and Ogbu Johnson, aka 042 Prince, has created quite a stir online.

The footage showcases a seemingly innocuous on-set working environment that quickly evolves into a fierce altercation.

At the beginning of the video, Zubby and Prince can be seen collaborating on a film project, seemingly engrossed in their respective roles. However, tensions escalate when Zubby repeatedly strikes Prince, provoking a retaliatory response from the latter.

As the situation intensifies, the crew members on set swiftly intervene, attempting to diffuse the escalating conflict. Their intervention proved crucial in halting the physical altercation, which had reached a level of intensity that demanded immediate action.

Since the video’s release, social media has been ablaze with reactions from viewers who were shocked and intrigued by the unexpected turn of events. Users have flooded the comments section, expressing their astonishment, curiosity, and concern.

Watch the video below

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