“Mohbad’s wife is the Prime Suspect” – Primeboy speaks after turning himself to the police (video)

Primeboy speaks after turning himself into the police over Mohbad’s death.

Late singer Mohbad’s friend, Owodunni Ibrahim Oluwatosin, also known as Primeboy, recently spoke out after turning himself into the police.

He accused Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, of attempting to frame him. In an interview with TVC, Primeboy stated that he was unaware that the police were searching for him.

He denied the police’s claim that he had refused to honour their invitation for questioning, stating that he had actually intended to go to the station to explain himself before the wanted issue arose.

Primeboy explained that he had been advised by people close to him to wait for an official invitation from the police, which never came.

He expressed shock and surprise when he discovered that he was wanted online. Primeboy recounted an incident on the Sunday before Mohbad’s death, where he and Mohbad were in the same car with Mohbad’s wife.

They had a disagreement, and Mohbad asked Primeboy to leave the car. Primeboy mentioned that he had prevented Mohbad from exiting the car during a heated conversation with his wife and had tried to calm his friend down.

A video of Primeboy speaking about the situation can be watched below.


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