Gh Young talented artist Fotocopy claims his apology to Kuame Eugene was fake and wasn’t from his heart.

Fotocopy claimed in a previous interview that he “hated” Kuami Eugene because the latter turned him down for a collaboration, citing a lack of fan support.

The situation deteriorated when Kuami Eugene appeared on Okay FM as part of his music tour and Fotocopy was called into the studio to make apologies.

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The “School Dey Bee” singer claimed that he felt coerced and was forced to comply with the request.

He revealed the shocking information when Michy on Movement Tv asked him if he thought Abeiku Santana was bullying him.

“Yes, it was an elaborate lie. It was staged. He was the one who was supposed to apologize, he said.

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During the show, Fotocopy disclosed that the apology was a publicity stunt and that he now understands he doesn’t need Kuami Eugene.

As he stated that he does not feature people like me because I am also big, he responded, “I also don’t need his feature.

He was advised not to make such firm predictions, the show’s panelist said, because he doesn’t know what the future will bring.

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Despite the cautionary remarks, the host Michy defended Fotocopy by pointing out that he is still a young child and tends to take things literally.

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