How Inspector Twumasi sold his house to take care of Maa Adwoa ‘revealed’.

This follows the brutal murder of 27-year-old Maa Adwoa by her police inspector boyfriend in Adum-Kumasi – after Maa Adwoa allegedly tried to ditch the arrested security officer after “chopping” his money.

Inspector Ahmed reportedly spent money on Maa Adwoa and her adoptive mother and her 4-year-old daughter

An audio widely circulated last week also claimed that Maa Adwoa’s adoptive mother was nicknamed “ntoso,” even though she was well aware that her daughter was living with her in the United States.

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In a new report from the Maa Linda camp, Inspector Ahmad allegedly sold his house to look after Maa Adwoa because her demands were much higher than his salary.

After selling the house and spending about 80% of the money on Maa Adwoa, he used the rest of the money to rent an apartment so that he could spend time with the deceased without interference from his wife or any other third parties good time.

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It is believed that this was the main reason why Inspector Ahmed shot Maa Adwoa as he was ruthlessly betrayed by the controversy, sacrificing everything he had for Maa Adwoa to live a soft life.

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Stay tuned for more information on this new fast-trending but not-yet-verified report.


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