Ataa Kakra on the verge of dying after sleeping with Panin’s boyfriend 

Juliet Attaa Kakra seriously ill after allowing her twin sister’s boyfriend to sleep with her.

According to her, the incident happened many years ago in the village of Sefwi Dadieso in the West Division.

Speaking about her encounter with Oyerepa Afutuo yesterday, Attaa Kakra said her twin sister (Ataa Panin)’s boyfriend, Alex Kobina, raped her after she went to his room to eat.

She revealed that Kobina threatened to deal with her if she informed anyone. Since then, she has been unwell.

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“My name is Juliet Atta Kakra. I am 32 years old. Alex Kobina is Panin’s boyfriend.

One day, little Bina invited me to dinner. When I got there he wooed me and I refused but he forced me to sleep with me. I didn’t tell anyone because he was threatening against me. He’s from Krobo, so I’m afraid to tell anyone. He also told me nothing would happen. ” Juliet told Aunt Na, the host of the show.

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Ataa Kakra revealed, “Since Kobina and I slept together, I have been sick. I have been sick for two years.”

Ataa Panin, who was on the show, admitted that her sister did date her boyfriend. The incident happened 10 years ago.

After her pastor revealed it to her, she asked Kakra about it, but she (Kakra) denied the allegation until recently when she called to accept the heinous act.

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“I went to a man of God to ask about my sister’s illness. The pastor told me that she slept with my boyfriend, so she was sick. So I asked my sister several times, but she refused to tell me the truth. Just recently, she called me and admitted to doing it.”

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