Lady catches her boyfriend and her Father in bed making love.

Wonders shall never end. We are in a world where evil is common and is something easy to do.

A lady has shared a bizarre story about how she caught her father who is a pastor and her boyfriend (husband-to-be) having sex.

The lady revealed that she caught the father and boyfriend in the act of having sex amid moaning and smooching each other.

Chronicling her ordeal to Pastor Prince Elisha during a consultation, the lady disclosed that her father had once warned and scolded her after he bumped into them (her and the boyfriend) kissing in her room some time ago.

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According to the lady, the father got angry when he saw them locking lips and since then she has not had an intimate moment with the guy due to the father’s caution.

Little did she know that the father had eyes for her lover all this while hence getting angry and warning her to stay chaste with him till marriage.

In explaining how she caught them in the abominable act, the lady revealed that the guy paid her a visit while the father was around.

Moments later the father, after welcoming the guy sent the lady on an errand to go and buy something far away in town.

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At that time, the gateman was having an off day so there was no one to close the gigantic gate when she drove off to town.

Realising that the gate would be unlocked until her return, she decided to step down from the car and walk in to the hall and ask the father to come and lock the gate.

To her surprise the father was not in the hall, her guy too was not there. She then proceeded to her bedroom and that of her father’s but there was no sign of them.

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She then moved to her father’s office at home where he does his Live Worship and Bible Studies believing they might be there having a chat.

Lo and behold, she found them busily getting intimate naked. As surprised as she was, all she could do was shout the father’s name and quickly run off to her room.

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