When they see me selling, most men offer sex in exchange for money.

Abena Tiwaa, a young street hawker, has revealed that men who approach her believe she is selling chewing gum to cover up her “real business,” and that some even make sexual advances toward her.

Abena mentioned on Daily Hustle with DJ Nyaami that some guys compliment her on her beauty and frequently tell her to stop selling. They advise Abena to trade her body for money instead, but the young girl is firm in her belief in working for her money.

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I can’t do it because only prostitutes can. I’m not a glutton. I’m fine with a GHS15 profit after selling the gum. I make enough money to eat. So long as I don’t have to steal,” she explained.

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Furthermore, Abena Tiwaa stated that she would rather work than rely on men, even in relationships, because she believes that most men want sex rather than partnership.

“They’ll bluff me about taking care of me and everything, but after the sex, they’ll avoid me.” Isn’t it better to work and earn money than to rely on a man? That’s why I’m not interested in dating right now.”

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Watch the video below;

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