River State University in Port Harcourt has restricted students from wearing obscene clothing on campus.

It’s no secret that most university students dress strangely. Almost every university has a tendency where young females, in particular, like to dress poorly.

Students at River States University have been prohibited from wearing spaghetti gowns, tiny skirts over the knee, drooping pants, gowns or blouses that show the navel or breast by females, and frayed jeans, according to a memo signed by the Registrar, Dr. S.C Enyindan.

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Furthermore, both male and female students are not permitted to have dyed hair on campus. Male students are not permitted to wear earrings, while female students are not permitted to wear nose rings.

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The school has also banned tattoos, ankle chains, and long eyelashes by female students and bathroom slippers have been banned in the lecture halls.

This internal memo that made its way onto social media has generated quite a stir among netizens. While some have praised the school’s new law, others have said that it violates individuals’ rights.

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