A Ghanaian guy, possibly between the ages of 30 and 35, was interviewed on the radio about how his wife treated him after accusing him of dating another woman.

The man stated on the radio station that his wife has recently argued with him and that he has a girlfriend with whom he has been spending a lot of time. He has told his wife multiple times that he does not have a girlfriend, but she does not seem to believe him.

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As a result, one day while sleeping, he felt pain in his belly. He awoke to find that someone had placed a rob on his manhood, which was causing him severe pain.

He yelled and contacted his wife, saying, “Grace, who did this to me?” His wife warned him that this is what happens when you start sleeping with other women outside of your marital house.

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The man claimed that his wife had also shut him inside the room, and he was battling to keep his manhood cold. It took approximately 3 hours for the suffering in his manhood to subside a little.

Even with the rob that his wife had placed on his manhood, the man proceeded to the radio.

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After seeing this video, some social media users stated that the woman is quite nasty. The Rob she used on her husband’s genitalia may have rendered him impotent.

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