The alleged assassination attempt on Kofi Adomah has a fresh twist.

The claimed murder attempt on Kofi Adomah has taken on a new dimension, according to online rumors.

Following the widely reported assassination attempt on Kofi Adomah, some individuals suggested that he was likely attacked for having a relationship with someone else’s partner.

In an innuendo song, Afia Schwarzenegger suggests that Kofi Adomah was beaten because of his womanizing ways in a music video.

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Another woman urged him in a video she made since she was aware of the way he was leading ladies on while only messing with their hearts.

The woman claimed that one of the women most likely hired the thugs to punish him.

The most serious charges were leveled against him by TikToker Maa Linda, who urged him to be honest.

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One American woman dialed in during her live session to discuss what she knew about the incident.

The woman said that a man had shown a video of Kofi Adomah being attacked and that a woman was to blame.

The woman says Kofi Adomah was beaten for having affair with a 40-year-old married woman.

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She talked about how the media personality is fond of that and revealed that she knows how he does similar things with married women whenever he travels to the USA.

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