US-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Tailor’s popular Loud Silence TV has been taken down temporarily.

Kelvin Tailor announced the sad news on his social media site, saying he had used up the first six months of his subscription, which he paid for at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, he had not gathered enough money to cover the previous six months. He begged his fans to donate so that the TV might be restored.

However, Ghanaians have become fond of Kelvin Tailor, a Ghanaian journalist working in the United States, and his ‘With All Due Respect’ program. Every weekday, the young, in particular, are riveted to their televisions and internet platforms to listen to the guy who has caused the greatest controversies in Ghana despite the fact that he lives in the United States.

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Check out his post below;

“”Hello Family, we have not been able to come live in the last 48 hours because of a crisis meeting we have with our Tv Platform host.

The whole issue is that we have exhausted payment for the Tv to run for the first 6 months of the year and we have to make payments for the next 6 months or risk having the channel taken down completely.

We could run the WADR on just social media but our focus is to keep the Tv on so the average Ghanaian who has access to Tv would not be burdened to buy data every day to watch our almost 4 hour show daily.

We have not Monetise any of our digital platforms and those with basic knowledge in monetization can run a basic test on our social media channels to check. (We have a reason for not monetising our digital channels)

Our reason for not running ads on Loud Silence Tv is because we believe once advertisers come on board, they will try to dictate what becomes the story on our channel and that will affect the scope of With All Due Respect in addressing those in authority in the language they best understand.

For every 30 days that the LSTV runs, we have to pay a base amount of 5,000 American dollars which is equivalent to 40,000 cedis with 8 cedis exchange rates. (this can be verified from other Tv Owners in Ghana)

This has been paid for single-handedly by Kevin Taylor and through your kind donations.

It’s in line with this we are bringing to your notice to help sustain the LSTV for the last 6 months of 2022.”

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